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Casa Adela


On Avenue C since 1976, Casa Adela once had an almost entirely Puerto Rican clientele but is now more diverse, due to the avenue's gentrification. Prices have stayed low and portions have remained huge, and the attitude of its staff is just as sassy and welcoming as ever. Recommended dishes include juicy rotisserie chicken, red beans simmered to a soft creaminess, sancocho (sweetly tinged oxtail stew), pernil (sliced, rosy pork) and mofongo, a mound of mashed plantains flavored with garlic and pork and topped with cracklings. It's super casual, cash only and BYOB.

66 Ave. C
Manhattan, NY 10009
  (212) 473-1882
  Hours: Daily, 7am–10pm

Kid Friendly
Payment Types
Cash Only


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