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Emmett's pizza is not sold by the slice nor is it foldable—trying to make it so would be as futile an act as bending a slice of apple pie. The Chicago-style deep dish is so thick that the small size is too much for one, the medium too much for two, the large and 14-inch family sizes only for competitive eaters. For Americans, too much is just right, especially when cardboard take-out boxes are provided. The shoebox-size space squeezes in bar stools, couples tucked into window seats and small tables separated by mere inches. The only reason the pizza fits is because it's served on pedestals. The pies are not just enormous but good, thanks to savvy Chicago native and proprietor Emmett Burke, who tested the formulation over and over until he got it right. Allow some time when going here, as the pies take 35 to 40 minutes to bake and settle.

50 MacDougal St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (917) 639-3571
  Hours: Tues., 5:30pm–midnight; Wed.–Sat., 5:30pm–1am; Sun., 5:30pm–11pm

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