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Crispy Korean fried chicken has enjoyed a heyday in NYC over the past few years, but chef David Chang's "Koreano" has taken it one delicious step further: boneless chicken thighs are soaked in buttermilk and hot chilies, battered and fried into a big, floppy cutlet strewn with shredded daikon and pickles and sheathed in a buttered potato roll. It's an off-menu variation on the main event at Fuku in the East Village (the original comes with no radish), to be accompanied by thick fries, beers, shots and reverberating rock and roll. The spot is incredibly popular. To keep things moving, it's all standing room and credit card only.

163 First Ave.
Manhattan, NY 10003
  Hours: Wed.–Sun., 11am–4pm; Fri.–Sat., 6pm–11pm

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