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La Masa


Over the last decade or so, with the increasing visibility of Latin American food in New York's culinary landscape, empanadas have become familiar fare around the City. But this Morris Park restaurant does the stuffed bread staple like no place else, with nontraditional fillings far more adventurous than the standard beef and cheese. La Masa—the name translates to "the dough"—has more than 30 filling options, including roasted eggplant, chicken in vodka sauce, mixed seafood and
bacalao, which puts a Colombian twist on the dried, salted cod of the Portuguese original. There are sweet empanadas to be sampled as well, and visitors can request the flaky crusts filled with Nutella, dulce de leche, guava and more.

1000 Morris Park Ave.
Bronx, NY 10462
  (718) 822-8400
  Hours: Mon.–Thurs., 11am–9pm
Fri.–Sat., 11am–10pm
Sun., Closed

Latin American
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