Lake Trout

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Cheap fried food? Everybody in the water! Lake Trout looks like a shack and aspires to be the sort of Maryland fish counter you'd find near the beach. Even though this is Williamsburg, you half expect people to wander in wearing nothing but bathing suits. One of the owners, Matt Lang, is from Baltimore, so there's beach-cred behind the crab cakes and cheese fish sandwich with Velveeta. Those from the DC metro area will be happy to find a squeeze bottle of sweet-spicy mumbo sauce to squirt on chicken wings. Paneled walls are full of graffiti and vintage images of Colts and Orioles greats. Food baskets and utensils are plastic, the cups are paper, so if you want to step off the locavore/environmentally responsible train for a minute, here's your ticket.

160 Havemeyer St. #5
Brooklyn, NY 11211
  (718) 782-3474
  Hours: Sun.–Thurs., noon–10pm; Fri.–Sat., noon–11pm

American (Traditional)
Kid Friendly
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Credit Cards Accepted


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