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From noon to midnight, should you find yourself in Greenpoint, you can partake of the best craft beers in the world at Tørst, a wood-detailed bar whose bartenders have such an academic knowledge of brewing it could make your brain explode. Beer is filling, but if you need more, there are plates of cured meats, farmstead cheese, pickles and olives. From the marble bar you can observe a busy kitchen—a clue there's more going on here than simple snacks. Behind a closed door in back of the bar is a 26-seat, quiet New Nordic restaurant called Luksus (Danish for “luxury”) where Daniel Burns (ex-Noma, Momofuku, Fat Duck) rules over a $75 tasting menu of locally foraged, seasonal, artistically composed small plates. Pork neck, ham chips dusted with vinegar powder and juiced rhubarb mousse topped with pea and anise hyssop sorbet are some of the adventurous items you may discover. For a $45 supplemental charge, Danish co-owner Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø will pair each course with the appropriate beer.

615 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
  (718) 389-6034
  Hours: Tues.¬–Fri., 6:30pm–11pm

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