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Meat Hook Sandwich Shop


The Meat Hook, a butcher counter within the smartly edited Brooklyn Kitchen supply store, has long been the go-to spot in Williamsburg for local, grass-fed and grass-finished meats from small family farms. The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop, a few blocks away, is a natural and welcome outgrowth from partners Tom Mylan, Brent Young and Ben Turley. They have perfected a small, inspired list—though it rotates with some regularity—from a classic Italian hero to roast pork with tonnato (tuna-laced mayo), escarole and spicy raisins. Then there's the most mind-blowing fried hot-chicken sandwich this side of Nashville. The narrow, modern space has few seats, so if you're not getting takeaway, time your visit accordingly. To drink is a short list of sodas and beer. 

495 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
  (718) 302-4665
  Hours: Daily, 11am–4pm


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