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Melt Shop


The grilled cheese sandwich takes center stage at Midtown's new Melt Shop. When it comes to the gooey goodness of this ultimate comfort food, there are no hard-and-fast rules about types of cheese, bread or condiments. That means you can get bacon, egg and cheddar on brioche at breakfast or a quick lunch of provolone and salami on rye. For die-hard purists, there's classic American cheese on white bread. Look for the golden yellow awning on the lower level of the Citigroup Center building, basically a stationary food truck. Orders and pickups are through windows, to be eaten—should the weather allow—at outdoor tables shaded by umbrellas. Sandwiches are all griddled to a satisfying crunch and can be paired with tomato soup or tater tots sprinkled with pecorino Romano and parsley. To drink are Stumptown coffee and milk shakes made with Ronnybrook Farm ice cream.

601 Lexington Ave.
Manhattan, New York 10022
  (212) 759-6358

American (Traditional)


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