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The increasing number of Hell's Kitchen high-rises populated by young professionals called for a place like Mocu-Mocu, which opened in summer 2015. Pronounced "mokoo-mokoo," the contemporary, jazzy cafe and takeout shop does Japanese comfort food well, from okonomiyaki (savory, luscious pancakes stuffed with various vegetables and proteins) to crisp takoyaki (octopus balls) to low-priced set menus that include soup and salad. Two Japanese sisters, Aya Tatsushiro and Tomoni Tatsushiro, are behind it and enlisted famed cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo to consult on the menu. Her cookbooks are for sale in an adjacent room, along with ceramics and a small selection of clothing. The 40-seat cafe operates all day and is also a nice place to stop in for coffee, tea and obanyaki, pancakes with sweet, creamy fillings.

746 Tenth Ave.
Manhattan, NY 10019
  (212) 765-0197
  Hours: Tues.–Thurs., 11:30am–10pm; Fri.–Sat., 11:30am–11pm; Sun., 11:30am–10pm

Japanese / Sushi
Good for Groups
Kid Friendly
Reservations Accepted
Payment Types
Credit Cards Accepted
Buyouts Available for Groups


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