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New Spring Garden


In the crowded field of Sunset Park dim sum restaurants, New Spring Garden has made a name for itself with its attentive service and warm, family-friendly atmosphere—as well as its deft spins on traditional, classic dim sum favorites like shrimp har gow, steamed pork dumplings, braised chicken feet, beef rice rolls and congee.

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912 65th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11219
  (718) 680-2289

Nearest Subways

8th Ave
Ft Hamilton Pkwy
+ More Subway Lines
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This massive dim sum palace can sometimes have long waits on weekends, but it's worth pushing through the crowds to experience the steamer carts roaming the enormous dining room, delivering Chinese dishes—pork-stuffed rolls, snow skin durian, egg custards, chicken feet, tofu pudding, rice noodles, salt and pepper squid—directly to your table.

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