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Obama’s first year in office, he took a vacation to his native Hawaii and was repeatedly photographed eating Spam musubi, a local favorite unknown to most mainland Americans. The dish is the first item on the menu at Williamsburg’s Onomea, which brings authentic Hawaiian tastes to Brooklyn. In addition to that must-try dish, visitors can sample the poké, which blends soy marinated ahi tuna with seaweed, green onions and sesame seeds in a recipe that—though scant on ingredients—is deceptively rich in flavor. The entrees (or plate lunch, as they’d be referred to in the Hawaiian islands) feature pork, chicken, beef or tofu, accompanied with sides of macaroni salad and rice (plain ol’ white, or better yet, veggie, egg or Spam fried). There’s an excellent brunch on weekends—seriously, where else will you find a well-prepared Spam, eggs and rice meal?—and cocktails that match the island feel. 

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NY 11211

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