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Peacefood Cafe


Health food that tastes like a treat—not a way to deprive yourself—is the appeal at Peacefood Cafe. The young, earnest staff has hippie cred, spreading the word on the merits of veganism. Regular patrons embrace it, discussing biorhythms and zodiac signs (sample snippet of conversation: "I'm into being a Sagittarius") over forkfuls of raw cold sesame kelp noodles, fabulous quinoa salad and the signature chickpea fries. Soups of the day are always gratifying, and there are a number of gluten-free sweets. The dessert case is piled with refined sugar–free giant cookies, cakes and perhaps a raw passion fruit tart. Bowls of fresh fruit are at the ready for blending up imaginative combinations of juices and smoothies.

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460 Amsterdam Ave.
Manhattan, NY 10024
  (212) 362-2266
  Hours: 10am–10pm daily

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86th St
79th St
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