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Pearl’s is a small, hip spot with colorful walls and vintage boomboxes from Fallon and John Seymour of nearby Sweet Chick. On nice nights head for the chill back patio where the tinkling of wind chimes mixes with a reggae soundtrack. The signature dish is bake and shark, a Trinidadian street food specialty. It consists of a puffy, golden bread pocket stuffed with fried shark (also called dogfish), tamarind, pickled slaw, mango chutney, garlic and shado beni, similar to cilantro. It’s brightly flavored, messy and amazing. There’s a full bar and a wide-ranging Caribbean menu that also includes good coconut curry shrimp and guava-glazed jerk ribs.

178 North 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
  (929) 276-3528


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