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Plant House Love


They say that if you want to really know a place, its street food is the place to begin. For New Yorkers who want to know Thailand, Plant Love House with its diverse selection of Thai street fare provides an insider's view of Bangkok from afar. Despite the restaurant's name, meat features prominently, from yen ta fo, which mixes squid, fish balls and mushrooms in a pink-stained bean curd consommé, to
num tok—perhaps the most requested item on the menu—a spicy noodle soup thick with chunks of pork and steeped in a sweet blood broth. There's an unexpectedly wide selection of desserts, including the matcha roti red bean sizzling, which comes artfully presented on a sizzling hot plate, bubbling beneath scoops of ice cream and saturated with sweet condensed milk. With nearly every single dish under $10—and many at a fraction of that—Plant House Love is a bargain by any measure.

86-08 Whitney Ave.
Queens, NY 11373
  (718) 565-2010
  Hours: Sun.–Thurs. and Sat., noon–10pm;
Fri., 4:30pm–10pm

Payment Types
Cash Only


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