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Pork Slope


Drunk food circa 2013 is, by design, a lot like what you'd have had back in the '80s: onion dip, buffalo chicken wings, chili con carne, tater tots. Chef Dale Talde and his partners, David Massoni and John Bush (also behind Park Slope's Talde and Thistle Hill Tavern) have fashioned an old-school barroom that looks more Bakersfield than Brooklyn. Chef Talde does employ some creativity when it comes to the porky melt, a sausage patty studded with cheddar cheese, slathered in mustard and grilled onions, and slapped between slices of marble rye. The standard uniform of the young crowd is baseball caps, jeans, T-shirts and flannel, rocking out to the music with pitchers of beer.

247 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
  (718) 768-7675
  Hours: Mon.–Fri., 5pm–4am; Sat.–Sun., noon–4am (kitchen closes at 2am)

American (Traditional)
Payment Types
Cash Only


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