Queens Kickshaw

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One look at Queens Kickshaw and you know Astoria is changing. While it's still a patchwork of immigrant communities from all over the world, the neighborhood has also become home to students, artists, young families and sundry iconoclasts who can no longer afford Manhattan or Brooklyn. This laid-back but serious coffee and sandwich bar is a haven for them all, with free Wi-Fi, rustic community tables and an amazing list of craft beer and hard cider. Variations on grilled cheese is a major focus. As for the music, it ranges from folksy acoustic to tango to jazz—the sort you'd like to play at home—but as this venue is the anti-Starbucks, don't expect it to be selling any CDs.

40-17 Broadway
Queens, NY 11103
  (718) 777-0913
  Hours: Mon.–Fri., 7:30am–1am; Sat.–Sun., 9am–1am



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