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Please note: this business is now closed; keeps record of many old and closed venues. Here's an example of an American eatery as seen through Latin eyes. Co-owners Fernando and Rene Riquelme (Agua Dulce) have dreamed up a melting pot of flavors from all of the Americas—North, Central and South. The space has a salsa beat and feels aquatic, done in varying hues of green and turquoise. Guacamole is a good way to start in any country, here served in a classic molcajete. Move on to oxtail empanadas, a Dominican classic, and steak cooked with Argentine flair. There's a fun cocktail list featuring a range of tequila, Puerto Rican rums, Brazilian cachaça and Chilean pisco, and the party lasts till 4am Thursdays through Saturdays.

202 Mott St
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (212) 625-1105

Latin American


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