The Ranger Texas Barbecue at Legends Bar

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Please note: this business is now closed; keeps record of many old and closed venues. The late, lamented Pearson's Texas Barbecue lives on, in a manner of speaking, at the rear of a run-of-the-mill Jackson Heights bar called Legends Bar, where the same steel smoker and pit masters turn out solid barbecue by the pound. Once you’ve made the trip, Mike the bartender will give you a warm greeting and shake your hand. The regulars are a different breed, beefy Queens guys digging into fat sandwiches filled with brisket, pork shoulder, pulled pork or pulled chicken while loudly conferring on the merits of work injury lawsuits and Vicodin. The menu also features quesadillas, nachos, cheeseburgers and, um, freedom fries.

71-04 35th Ave
Queens, NY 11372
  (718) 803-8244



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