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The Standard Plaza


Round marble tables are set with planters cascading with herbs, and there's a welcome breeze that keeps this outdoor patio from getting overheated. The pop-up is helmed by Seamus Mullen (Tertulia). André Balazs' hotel, The Standard New York, has always been a great place to observe fashion—at the moment girls in diaphanous dresses and ankle boots—and Mr. Mullen, of course, one of the hottest chefs around. There's an outdoor wood-burning oven and charcoal grill turning out shishito peppers with coarse sea salt; grilled bread topped with grated tomatoes and jamón ibérico; and steamed Manila clams, chorizo and artichokes. It's a casual, louche place where people talk up deals rather than money woes. Alas, it will be gone by the end of September.

848 Washington St.
Manhattan, NY 10014
  (212) 645-4100
  Hours: Sun.–Thurs., 11:30am–midnight; Fri.–Sat., 11:30am–1am


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