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Underwest Donuts


New York has plenty an eatery hidden in its deepest nooks and most unexpected crannies, from speakeasies above burger joints to coffee shops carved into office basements. Joining the ranks of these cloak-and-dagger dens is this pocket-sized doughnut dive from Chanterelle vet Scott Levine wedged inside a car wash. The old-fashioned cake-style coffee dunkers are pulled from an automatic Donut Robot, which fries and cools the rings behind a glass wall as cars are scrubbed and buffed. Choose from sugared, glazed or plain pastries in flavors like brown-butter, cocoa-raspberry, lime-coconut and even a shredded halva-topped number to be paired with Counter Culture coffee and espresso drinks. The tiny, subway-tiled space hits Levine’s nostalgic Americana mark, with six seats at the counter and a retro marquee menu displaying daily offerings.

638 W 47th St
New York, NY 10036
  (212) 317-2359
  Hours: Mon–Sat 6:30am–5pm


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