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Vegetarian Palate


Just because vegans are health-conscious doesn't mean they don't like junk food from time to time, like the irresistible mock chicken nuggets, meant to be dunked in a hickory-smoked mustard sauce, found here. The menu at this no-frills Park Slope joint is anything but minimalist, with a ridiculously long catalog of Asian-centric items. It's 99.9% vegan—only the lo mein breaks the no-dairy rule. Wonton soup is pure comfort food, and if you stop there, you'll have room for a scrumptious banana split. For main courses there's mock beef, turkey, duck and seafood, tons of tofu and vegetable dishes, sandwiches and even paella. Service is patient and attentive, the prices gentle.

258 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
  (718) 623-8808


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