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Asian fusion is on the menu at this Hell’s Kitchen bistro, where the cuisine takes inspiration from Thai, Mexican and American flavors in equal measure. Order the kung pao shrimp tacos, seared tuna sliders with Thai aioli or Asian Caesar salad to sample how those international influences are blended in unconventional, but tasty, fashion. We would be remiss not to mention the decor which, per the name, pays kitschy homage to rock 'n' roll’s bygone days and stars. Consider imbibing with your meal, as the star-powered cocktails (the Jimi Hendrix, the Don Ho, the Lady Gaga, etc.) have gained as sterling a reputation as the fusion menu.

754 Ninth Ave.
Manhattan, NY 10019
  (212) 974-2003
  Hours: Sun., 10am–11pm; Mon.–Tues., 11am–11pm; Wed.–Thurs., 11am–midnight; Fri., 11am–1am; Sat., 10am–1am

Asian Fusion
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