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Cire Trudon


Cire Trudon’s reputation as the world’s finest chandlery—that is, candle maker—has been earned over centuries. Founded in Paris in 1643, it provided candles for the courts of both Louis XV and Napoleon, and lit up the Palace of Versailles. Not content to rest on its historical laurels, the company continues to make exquisitely crafted, wonderfully fragrant candles that are a treat for multiple senses. This is the first Trudon store to open in New York City, and its luxe wares are matched by the shop’s interior, which is a deep burgundy with mirrors that cast brilliant reflections. Along with candles, you’ll also find an assortment of scented matches, room spritzes and a small selection of wax busts of French historical figures (and, fittingly, first American ambassador to the country, Benjamin Franklin). 

248 Elizabeth St.
Manhattan, NY
  (212) 203-0453


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