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LES Ecology Center, Gowanus—Street Art Mural


Remember that time on Broad City when Abbi had her wisdom teeth taken out and went on a post-surgical Vicodin and weed-induced trip with a hallucinated human-sized version of a stuffed toy? (You’d know it if you saw it.) This stunning mural—which covers a city block-length wall of the LES Ecology Center in Gowanus—was painted by the street art collective Wallnuts Crew and is filled with psychedelic, spacey, trippy images that would be breathtaking for even the most sober eyes. Inside the Ecology Center, you can drop off any e-waste you have (like old computers or batteries) and check out their Reuse Store, where you can find cheap tech items for sale.

469 President St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Electronics & Camera Stores


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