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Macy's Backstage


Bargain hunters rejoice! These off-price sister stores to Macy's more expensive retail shops offer deep discounts among the many racks of wares. Expect the outlet experience, which means you may have to do a bit of digging to uncover the very best treasures and hidden gems. Prices are reduced anywhere from 20% to 80%, and the locations are sized so that the overwhelming volume of a typical department store is pared down to a manageable amount of floor space. There’s also a café in every shop, so you can keep your energy levels from flagging while seeking out the best deals.

2027 Emmons Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
  (929) 275-3490

Bargain/Discount Stores
Clothing & Accessory Stores
Children & Infants
Designer Collections
Jewelry & Watches
Men's Apparel
Women's Apparel


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