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Manolo Blahnik


Shoe hounds for whom money is no object (or who don't mind saving their pennies) are already long acquainted with Manolo Blahniks from any number of places: Perhaps most famously, the television show Sex and the City, although endless appearances on red carpets have helped raise the brand's profile further. These are shoes meant to be both worn and adored, and adherents swear that expert craftsmanship also makes them a pleasure to wear. Stop into this Midtown boutique to admire the footwear in an environment that is both simply, and subtly, luxe.

31 W. 54th St.
Manhattan, NY 10019
  (212) 582-3007
  Hours: Mon.–Fri., 10:30am–6pm; Sat., 10:30am–5:30pm; Sun., noon–5pm

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