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Fellow Barber


Founder Sam Buffa was inspired by old-timey barbershops when he opened the first Fellow Barber (then known as F.S.C. Barber) in 2006, envisioning a shop that would be the kind of place “where men would discuss sports, politics, and culture while getting a haircut or shave.” The Williamsburg location—there are two others in New York City and one in San Francisco—puts a genteel spin on that concept, with retro furnishings meeting sleek modern lines throughout the shop. It's just the spot for those in the market for a classic haircut or a straight-razor shave—though make note to schedule accordingly, since the shop doesn’t take appointments.

101 N. 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
  Hours: Mon.–Fri., noon–8pm; Sat.–Sun., 10am–6pm


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