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Get Over It and Ride


There was a time when Staten Island was home to numerous stables, but they're an increasing rarity in the borough these days. Get Over It and Ride remains among the few that are still around, and for horse lovers and riders young and old, that's a good thing. The littlest learners, at 3 years old, can take advantage of the daily lessons offered here, and even younger tots—down to 1 year olds—can experience the joy of a pony ride. Of course, advanced riders can sharpen their skills as well, and horse owners looking for boarding facilities should also make note.

3051 Veterans Rd. W.
Staten Island, NY 10309
  (718) 984-2970
  Hours: Tues.–Fri., 10am–7pm; Sat.–Sun., 8am–4pm (by appointment only)


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