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John Lennon and Yoko Ono's NYC apartment


In 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were living at the St. Regis Hotel as John's second solo album, Imagine, climbed the charts. As a new resident of New York, Lennon enjoyed the bookstores and restaurants, the mix of cultures and classes, and the 24-hour availability of just about anything. "It was Yoko who sold me on New York….. She made me walk around the streets and parks and squares and examine every nook and cranny," he later said. "In fact, you could say I fell in love with New York on a street corner." In late October, John and Yoko rented a two-bedroom loft at 105 Bank St. from Lovin' Spoonful drummer Joe Butler. The building was just a few long blocks from the Hudson River, and the immediate neighborhood was barely gentrified. The couple passed many hours in the rear bedroom, with its large ceiling skylight. While in residence at 105 Bank St., John and Yoko released Sometime in New York City and performed at several benefit concerts; meanwhile, 105 Bank St. came under FBI surveillance as the couple's attorneys battled the US Immigration and Naturalization Service over its attempts to deport Lennon back to England. When the loft was robbed, John and Yoko sought out a more secure building. They moved into the Dakota at 1 W. 72nd St. in February 1973.

105 Bank St
Manhattan, NY 10014


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