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The Jane Hotel


This West Village hotel has a rich history—it once sheltered the survivors of the Titanic disaster—and an innovative lodging strategy: the standard cabin is $99 a night, and 50 square feet. Designed for the adventurous budget traveler, the Jane features charmingly quirky rooms modeled on ship’s cabins that are furnished with flat-screen televisions and wireless Internet service, with communal bathrooms down the hall. Patrons can also stretch out in the ballroom—a large bi-level bar featuring small tables, benches and sofas. In keeping with the decor of the hotel, the ballroom has the feel of an old-world mansion, with a stately fireplace, velvet-draped windows, and even a disco ball.

113 Jane St
Manhattan, NY 10014
  (212) 924-6700

Hotel Bar
WiFi Available


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