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Check Out NYC’s Amazing Museum on an Aircraft Carrier staff

The USS Intrepid is an actual aircraft carrier.

The vessel served in World War II and the Vietnam War, and was also a recovery vessel for Mercury and Gemini NASA missions before being decommissioned in 1974.

Now it’s permanently docked in NYC as a very cool museum.

After a few years off, the Intrepid came to New York City in 1982 and embarked on a new voyage as a rather distinctive museum.

It’s got fighter planes…

The Intrepid’s flight deck is packed with dozens of military aircraft from the United States, the Soviet Union, Vietnam and Italy.

A guided missile submarine…

On the USS Growler, you can see how crews lived underwater for months at a time. And a new, free exhibition, A View From the Deep, goes into even more details about the vessel’s history.

And a space shuttle!

The prototype space shuttle orbiter Enterprise helped set the stage for the American space shuttle program. At the Intrepid, you can see the vessel in all its immensity and learn about its contributions to space travel.

Come browse the exhibits, take a guided tour or even watch a movie on the flight deck.

The Intrepid has a packed events schedule all year round, and especially during the summer. For details, visit

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