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NYCgo X The Greatest Showman

by Staff

Video Transcript

Hugh: It is really the epicenter of show business to this day. It's also the epicenter of dreams, of making dreams come true. 
Benj: There is this sort of intangible but ever-present pulse and rhythm. It's running through everything. 
Yahya: It's a city that really encourages people to go out and to be themselves. 
Hugh: P.T. Barnum's first circus, which was the Museum of Curiosities, was literally on Broadway.
Zac: Spending time here has been really eye-opening for me, and I appreciate it. 
Hugh: It does not matter where you come from, it does not matter what school you went to; that city is filled with people with a dream and a desire to make it.
Zac: They say it's the city that never sleeps. 
Woman 1: There's always something around the corner. So many amazing people to meet.
Woman 2: More opportunities for people like us to perform our art.
Woman 3: Always something new to explore.
Michael: You would stand there, and you would look at these epic buildings, and this is gonna be really spectacular.
Woman 4: That's why I like New York.
Woman 2: I fell in love with New York City.
Zac: I don't think it gets better than New York.


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