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NYC Local Legends: Hector Espinal in Washington Heights

by Staff

There’s no better way to see New York City than through the eyes of a local. In our NYC Local Legends video series, notable New Yorkers share their perspectives on some of the five boroughs’ most vibrant and culturally rich neighborhoods. In this episode, Hector Espinal Jr., co-founder of the running club We Run Uptown (WRU Crew), takes us around his Washington Heights neighborhood.

As the Uptown native explores the area and connects with other locals, he shows off the green spaces and stunning views from J. Hood Park and reveals why bodegas are the cornerstones of any predominantly Latino neighborhood in NYC. Espinal visits family-owned restaurant Malecon, which preserves Dominican culture and culinary traditions, and demonstrates how WRU Crew’s headquarters, Locksmith, is more than your average bar. Check out this video and be inspired to visit uptown.


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