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Black Cowboys in NYC

by Staff

In our second episode of The Freedom to Be video series, we spotlight the Black cowboy community in NYC. Although more prominent in the South, there is a small but longstanding group of Black cowboys in NYC who have migrated from places like Texas, Virginia and Mississippi. Here we feature Dr. George E. Blair—a 90-year-old descendant of the buffalo soldiers—who produced an all-Black cowboy rodeo in Harlem for over 30 years and continues to teach New Yorkers how to ride horses at his New York Riding Academy on Randall’s Island.

The Freedom to Be video series builds on the themes of The Black Experience in NYC, in which NYCgo celebrates unique Black subcultures, communities and affinity groups throughout the five boroughs. The series acknowledges the City’s abundance of vibrant ideas, expressions and cultures. A celebration of the diversity within Black culture in NYC, the Freedom to Be series underscores the contributions of these communities and groups to NYC’s dynamism.

In our first episode, we highlighted the Black surf community in the Rockaways.

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