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Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse


Personified in the 1942 children's book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, this landmark became a wartime-era favorite for children around the country. Nearly a decade later, when its usefulness was overshadowed by the lights from the George Washington Bridge, the beloved icon was saved from demolition by thousands of letters from children still enamored with the story. In the ensuing decades, the lighthouse was left to fall into disrepair, but the city undertook a full restoration in 2000 and, after 54 years of darkness, relit it in 2002. Today, visitors to Manhattan's only remaining lighthouse can stop to have a bite at a nearby picnic area before taking the stairs to the top to gaze out over the Hudson River.

Fort Washington Park
Manhattan , NY 10033
  (212) 360-8143
  Hours: Sunrise–1am


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