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29B Teahouse

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This teahouse-bar hybrid gets its name from its address (29 Avenue B), but the inspiration for its design and beverage program comes from farther afield. The interior mixes Korean and Japanese ceramics with mid-century modern decor, blue-gray walls and exposed brick. The main beverage attraction, tea, is sourced from India, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan; the 30-plus varieties include rare vintages and blends like shousui matcha and charcoal-roasted oolong. There’s also an array of beer, wine and sake, offering something stronger to sip on as the evening stretches on (while staying on theme with pours like matcha beer). A rotating selection of bar snacks (dumplings, sashimi, pickles) and sweets (mochi, Okinawa black sugar) complements the drinks menu.

29 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009



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