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Bar Lunàtico


While NYC musicians have watched the closure of many sites dedicated to their craft, this Bed-Stuy cocktail bar and live music venue represents an effort to gain back some lost ground. Co-owners Rosita Kess, Richard Julian and Arthur Kell—musicians all—decided to open the spot to offer a cozy space where crafty cocktails and music meet. The cocktail menu includes a drinks selection categorized not by base liquor but with connoisseur-like concerns (Shaken & Rocks; Shaken & Up; Effervescent). You’ll find a classic or two alongside plenty of their own inventions: the bittersweet Crow Wing; the Creole Moon, made with Barbados rum, house clove and cinnamon syrup; the Skeptical Pornographer, which deserves a sampling based on name alone (and because there’s ginger, rum and the herbal liqueuer Dimmi involved.) There’s small plates and genre-spanning live music every night, a lovely sonic backdrop to the chill vibe in this small but homey space.

486 Halsey Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233

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