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Bagel Hole


Park Slopers opine that Bagel Hole has the best bagels in all of Brooklyn. The tiny place isn't much to look at, more of a cluttered bodega than a dough shop. The baking is done in the back, with bins of bagels periodically replenished throughout the day. The specimens are small but mighty fine, allegedly closer to the size of New York's original bagels, pre-supersizing. All the standard flavors are here—salt, sesame, poppy, everything—and schmears are generous but not overwhelming (try the fresh lox cream cheese spread). Three people can barely fit inside at a time, so it's not a place to linger, especially since there are no tables. Eat these bagels on the street, at home or with a cup of coffee in the nearby Barnes & Noble café.

400 Seventh Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
  (718) 788-4014


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