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BonChon Chicken


Chicken in a box—not a bucket—is the focus here. Fried to a light crispness, white and dark pieces are equally meaty and juicy, sticky but not greasy: welcome to Korean-style fried chicken. The skin is painted with regular or spicy soy-garlic sauce, giving it a golden brown luster. There's a black-topped bar serving beer and soju, good to have on hand to cool the burn if you've opted for the hot sauce. The contemporary cafeteria-style room has plenty of seating, though many local workers get their meals to go. Items like seasoned french fries, soy-garlic pot stickers and chicken ginger tofu salad also set it apart from your average fried-chicken franchise.

104 John St
Manhattan, NY 10038
  (212) 962-4208

Payment Types
Credit Cards Accepted
Outside Catering Permitted


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