Dans Le Noir? NYC

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Please note: this business is now closed; nycgo.com keeps record of many old and closed venues. Dans le Noir? NYC introduces diners to a whole new world of dining, one in which all of their senses other than sight are heightened. Dinner is served in complete darkness, and servers are either blind or visually impaired. Guests are seated at communal tables of 10 to 12, and social interaction is encouraged. The menu is a three-course surprise, with dietary restrictions and allergies taken into account. A visit to Dans Le Noir? NYC is not just dinner, it is a sensory, social and human experience. Dans le Noir? NYC is a richly human experience, when the blind become your eyes, opening your mind to an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation.

246 W. 38th St.
Manhattan, NY 10018
  (212) 575-1671

Live Music
Buyouts Available for Groups


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