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Feroza’s Restaurant Roti


For the uninitiated, roti is a type of South Asian flatbread that is similar to a burrito or a tortilla. It’s super-thin and light in texture, making for a buttery casing in which your filling of choice will reside. People travel from far and wide for the roti at Feroza’s, where favorite fillings include chicken curry, beef, goat, shrimp and vegetables. The menu also includes non-roti items like oxtail, curry goat and rice, and doubles—a street food common in Trinidad and Tobago made with flat fried bread and curried chickpeas. While the décor at Feroza’s is basic and no-frills, the food is definitely worth the trip.

716 Burke Ave.
Bronx, NY 10467
  (718) 405-9081
  Hours: Mon.–Thurs., 11am–9pm; Fri.–Sat., 11am–9:30pm

Payment Types
Cash Only


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