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Ganesh Temple Canteen


Couple a visit to one of the oldest Hindu temples in the United States with an Indian meal in the basement canteen. Its design is the opposite of elaborate, a windowless annex with a dropped ceiling, plain communal tables and a fast food–type counter for ordering. Instead of a tip jar there's a locked box labeled "token of appreciation for the kitchen staff." The food is served on Styrofoam plates and plastic trays, but what food it is! The paper-thin, golden dosas are giant, available with a number of vegetarian fillings. There's also idli (savory cakes of South India), vada (savory snacks shaped like doughnuts), lentil medleys and baseball-size samosas. A larger menu is available for catering events. Take off your shoes for the temple but leave them on for the canteen.

143-09 Holly Ave.
Queens, NY 11355
  (718) 460-8493
  Hours: 8:30am–9pm daily

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Kid Friendly
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