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Byredo’s unique vision on the art of fragrance-making is part of why the brand has become so successful, particularly among fashionistas. Unlike the majority of perfumers, owner Ben Gorham didn’t just want to make lovely smelling scents—he focused on evocative fragrances that would trigger memories and emotions in its wearers. The result is an inspired line of colognes and perfumes meant to conjure the essence of memory and experience, often blending a unique combination of base scents in doing so. The shop also features leather goods—think high-end handbags and wallets, all crafted in Italy—as well as oils and candles with unexpected aromas such as saffron, black pepper and ginger.

62 Wooster St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (212) 219-1584
  Hours: Mon.–Sat., 11am–7pm; Sun., noon–6pm

Cosmetics/Beauty/Fragrance Shops
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