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Though you’d likely use the word streetwear to neatly sum up the clothes in this NoLIta shop, you’d be in danger in selling short the sartorial uniqueness on offer. These wearable, high-end men’s fashions give off an air of cool without trying too hard—or at least, without looking like you do—and pieces often feature distinctive, if understated, details that subtly kick even the most comfortable looks up a notch. Proprietor Brendon Babenzien, who previously served as creative director of in-demand brand Supreme, has created clothing that’s hip instead of trendy, and youthful instead of immature. Prices vary wildly with T-shirts under $50 and outerwear around $2,000, so those with both a little and a lot of disposable income can shop accordingly.

195 Mulberry St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (212) 226-3222

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