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Pierre Hardy


It's apparent that as much thought was given to the interior of this West Village boutique—French designer Pierre Hardy's only shop outside of his hometown of Paris—as the shoes it houses, but probably not with the results you'd expect. Instead of grandiosity and ornateness, Hardy has opted for carefully considered minimalism, resulting in a show space of muted colors, dim lights and shoe pedestals reminiscent of cinder blocks. The footwear on display is highly structural, with no lack of bold colors—a contrast with their gray surroundings that keeps distractions to a minimum, and your eyes fixed on Hardy's often gorgeous shoe designs.

30 Jane St.
Manhattan, NY 10014
  (646) 449-0070
  Hours: Tues.–Fri., 11am–7pm; Sat., noon–7pm; Sun., noon–6pm

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